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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to smoke Marijuana (or Cannabis)?

No,but inhaling the herb does provide immediate relief from symptoms.

There are several ways to use Marijuana as a medicine besides smoking or vaping. You can make Marijuana edibles such as tea, butter, oils, alcohol (tinctures) and even glycerin. Sometimes you can get access to other products like ointments, capsules, transdermal patches and suppositories etc.

Do I have to get high?

No, you don’t have to use Marijuana with THC. THC is the psychoactive component that is associated with the feeling of“getting high”.THC however, will provide the best immediate relief from symptoms such as pain and nausea.

CBD is a component that has several medicinal effects and is best used for relieving inflammation.But does not make people feel “stoned”and can counteract some of the effects of THC.So using CBD dominate strains can be a good alternative.

Can I drive while using Marijuana?

No, under the current Canadian law you should not.

THC can be sedative and can have psychoactive effects.

The College of Family Physicians of Canada provides the following guidelines for driving under the influence of cannabis:

Do not drive for at least:

  1. Four hours after inhalation
  2. Six hours after oral ingestion
Can I drink alcohol while using Marijuana?

No,it is recommended that you do NOT mix the two substances; particularly if Cannabis is new to you.The exception would be if you were to use Cannabis infused tinctures, which are ingested in very small amounts.

Alcohol in your blood causes a faster absorption of THC and can lead to the Cannabis having a much stronger effect overall.

Is Medical Marijuana covered by health insurance?

Not as a rule. However, I’ve been told on appeal some private health insurers will provide coverage.Some healthcare spending accounts might be the exception.However, Cannabis prescriptions are an‘ eligible medical expense’ with the CRA for some individuals.There are of course criteria and you will need to provide receipts from the Licensed Producer.

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