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Kelly has almost 20 years experience using Marijuana to successfully treat Crohns Disease, which is a digestive illness with no cure and few treatments.Teaching herself fun and interesting ways to use marijuana, in all its forms.Eventually gaining the confidence to reach out and help others by working at the local 420 Clinic and by starting a food blog.

Sharing information about what successful eating means to her is an ever-growing passion.  Kelly enjoys educating people about Marijuana and the plethora of benefits it can offer.Vehemently believes that it is important to learn about the proper use of medicinal herbs in order to achieve success and happiness.

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Jess “The Hemptress” hails from The-Middle-of-Nowhere Canada after many years inThe-Middle-of-Nowhere of an Indonesian Rainforest.

After experimenting with marijuana throughout high school as the “creative” individual she was, Jess went on a weed-hiatus until her mid-twenties after suffering a battle with depression and anxiety for many years in-between.

She’s now found solace in the medicinal herb as an aid in her recovery and hopes that in sharing her stories and experiences along the way that it will aid those who struggle as well.

A Sound Tech by trade, Jess is a big fan of “Stoner Metal/Rock” bands, regularly working with local musicians and supporting the community.

Although childhood dreams of writing have been put on hold, as she’s embraced her inner-Lemmy (who she shares a birthday with) and hopes that in her musings you find a smile and maybe –if you’re lucky – a little buzz.

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Susie has been using Cannabis for about half her life recreationally but began using it medicinally after sustaining major injuries in an accident. She broke her back falling off a ladder, breaking her T9 vertebrae, seven ribs, punctured her right lung, and cracked her skull open. It was safe to say she was looking at a long recovery, but with the use of Cannabis, she is able to control the pain.

Before the accident Susie fronted the heavy metal band Over the Coals, music was her passion and for almost ten years that was her main driving force. After the accident however it would be a long time before she could hit the stage again. She has started working at Valley Hemp, in her hometown of Penticton BC, and is excited about the possibility of the legalization of Cannabis and the career opportunities that will be available in that new industry. Susie’s Main love is doobies, but she is quickly becoming friends with shatter.

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Miss Amy Blaze resides in Calgary, Alberta but is a true Vernon, BC Bud Girl. Amy was diagnosed with PTSD and was involved in a MVA that has resulted in a lifelong spinal injury. After trying everything her doctors prescribed with unfavorable results, Amy started using cannabis as a medical treatment. Since becoming educated with the benefits of THC & CBD, Amy has successfully helped many people in her network to figure out the best combinations and ratios to effectively relieve their pain and or help symptoms.

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Cannajos has over 10 years of cannabis experience and uses this beautiful plant to treat the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis she deals with on a daily basis. Although living with MS isn’t always easy, she doesn’t let it get in her way of living every day to the fullest and reinventing herself when needed. You can usually find Cannajos sewing furiously to get costumes done in time for the next comic con and always equipped with her trusty bong and bud.

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Samantha has been self-medicating with Cannabis since the age of 18.  She describes a past of recreational enjoyment, however, has found with time that the plant has aided in helping her treat her ongoing battle with depression and anxiety. Samantha is an Artist, Jewelry Maker and is currently working as a Bartender. She hopes to one day be a voice in the growing Cannabis community in Calgary. Samantha has a vision of educating and informing people of the adverse benefits of Cannabis as medication. She finds strong Sativa’s and edibles to be the most effective form of treatment for her condition.

Samantha believes this is a truly amazing time to be alive and is grateful she can legally obtain her medicine and thoroughly enjoy every moment of her life.

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Lady Arielle Jane is a passionate smoker and car enthusiast.

She fills her time with awesome adventures, car meets, and smoking with friends.

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Miss Vinnie Lee is a die hard smoker. She knows how to roll in 51 different styles, has 38 different smoke tricks, and it is told she can even smoke weed out of her hand! Fear not when smoking with this beautiful lady.

She’s always got you covered and has always got a way to smoke it.

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Cannabis Cowgirl has been using marijuana successfully for the last 7 years to help manage sciatic pain and control anxiety. Her passions include camping, knitting, crocheting and gardening. She is constantly researching new ways for growth and proper care and maintenance of all plants and product as she is trying to become self-sufficient and possibly off the grid one day. She also enjoys studying alternative uses and experiences around whole foods, clean eating and the benefits of cannabis.  On her off time she trains and saddles up her horse aptly named “Indica”.

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Ivonne comes from a tiny country in the middle of the Caribbean called Belize.

In this country, she was given a bad reputation for being a female cannabis user.

However, she finds that Cannabis helps treat her ongoing battle with depression and anxiety better than prescription pills ever can.

Ivonne hopes to be able to help others who might be struggling with the same dilemma, and one day – a voice within the cannabis community.

Make-up is also one of her biggest passions. Along with cannabis they’ve allowed her to express the individuality she’s needed to enhance her life to the fullest. These traits have allowed Ivonne to be a kind-hearted, beautiful, relaxed and inviting person to be around at anytime of the year. Show her the ocean and she will lite your life up with an array of friendliness, plenty of humour and a forever lasting friendship!

Community name: ‘Ganja Goddess’

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I’m originally from Montreal and while I did smoke recreationally before it was only when I moved to Calgary that I’ve started using marijuana for my insomnia. For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep, even as a child. I have found that very high THC blends really help put me to sleep and keep me asleep! My preferred method of smoking is taking a hit from the bong! I work at a golf club where I tend to the grass, so I just can’t get enough grass in my life apparently! 🙂 I love body art, I enjoy being outside for work as well as going on a hike or just sitting on a patio in the sun. But I also enjoy staying inside playing video games and listening to music.

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